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Time to think about a PLAN!

I started this blog without deep strategies.

Just started.

It's IS a good thing.

"Just do it!" What a sweet phrase is that?

However, I believe I need to come up with a plan now.

Otherwise, how can I avoid being lost?

Time is precious, so I started without a plan, and I make my plan now for the same reason.

What my goal should be?

How will I achieve that?

To finish my long run, those questions should be answered.

2 goals

There are two goals I want to achieve.

1. Be able to read a self-improvement book for 1 hour with ease

2. Have enough skills to communicate with native speakers at forums in English 

Why those goals?

Because I want to sustain English skills I will obtain.

The true test that await us starts after we improve our skills.

As long as we keep learning, our skills increase, which means they will decrease when we stop learning, and we don't want to keep spending time on learning for the whole life.

This dilemma is perfectly solved by using those skills.

We don't have to spend extra time, and we can still sustain the skills.

Therefore, I want to have clear ideas of how to use skills I'm learning.

In Japan, the easiest and most helpful way to use English is to read.

There're so many books and websites that I want to read so one of my goals is "be able to read with ease".

The second goal is to maintain my writing skill and to access to more information.

I will be writing in English everyday for this month, but I'm not sure whether or not I will write after this month.

That is why, I will start practicing another usage of my writing skill before it starts lusting.

How to achieve that.

To be able to read a serious book easily, I'm going to do following things.

1. Read at least 1 hour everyday.
I will start with easy books(or even comics) first to keep reading for 1 hour, in the meantime, I write down(or copy and paste) phrases and grammars I don't get.

2. Check phrases and grammars I wrote down.
This is the technique, I've been wanting to try.

3. Write a blog post using things I learn from the books
Here's where this blog comes.

I'm gonna try those 3 steps to achieve the 1st goal.

For the 2nd goal, I think I will start commenting on forums or blog-like websites, like Medium.

I'm not fully sure what I'm gonna do about it yet, but like everyone say "Just do it!"

I keep track of this plan.

Hope I can tell positive news at the end of the month.

Thank you,

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