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My environment, my skills

This is the 6th post. 

I feel little exhausted.

But it's not like I'm sick of English: I need more input to output.

The environment around me makes what I output.

It seems I'm don't have enough input.

Power of the environment 

Most of skills can be obtained by setting the environment.

Many people believe if you study abroad, you can master a language.

It's half true and half false.

The truth is if you study abroad and GO OUTSIDE, you can master a language.

I know many students who stayed in her/his room most of time and learnt nothing.

Which means that the most important factor is the environment you are trying to built.

Therefore, I'm pondering what environment I'm going to built and how.

Things I'm going to consume

Ted is definitely one of input I'm going to have as a part of my environment.

It has many great presentations which means I won't only learn great English, but great knowledge too.

The video I showed before is actually from Ted.

Most of videos even have both English and Japanese subtitles, so you can enjoy them no matter what level you are on.

This is the video I so enjoyed yesterday.

I totally understood that, in an airplane, why I should never greet to my friend like "Hi, Jack!" although his name is actually Jack.

It's all depending on me

Where I live easily influence my environment, but it doesn't decide all.

After all, what I want is the most influential factor.

Because I know that, I think it's not very constructive to blame others.

With this thought, I feee some pressure, but at the same time, I feel the excitement.

I can choose who I will be.

Isn't it great?

Thank you,

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