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Maybe learning a new language isn't scary

To Japanese, and some native English speakers who didn't have to learn, learn a new language can be scary.

It takes long time and huge costs.

Or maybe not.

Perhaps people live in the shadow of fear that learning a language is a scary thing.

Whether or not that's true , be a bilingual is a good thing.

It doesn't only increase our potential income, but it also clearly improves our brain.

On top of that, learning may not be as hard as we fear.

Benefits of learning

If you can speak more than one language, you can travel easily.

But that's not the only benefit you can get.

Your brain will be better.

Memory, Concentration, and task switching are few of them that get better.

Some article points out that bilinguals in the U.S earn 20% higher than monolinguals in average.

How the Brain Benefits from Being Bilingual:Lifehack

It is HARD, but not impossible 

In this video, Chris Lonsdale told us we can learn a language in six months.

Do you think it's impossible?

You think like "hmm, he seems smart. Maybe he can, but..." or something like that?

Then how about this?

He says we can be fluent in 3 months!

3 months!

And he doesn't seem too smart to learn(No offence!).

Of course, they require us to spend a lot of time during those months.

But if we can really learn a new language in several months, the whole world look different.

If we want go to Netherland and enjoy chatting with locals, then have some time beforehand.

What we need is correct and intense learning time.

Focus on it for 6 months, then we are all good.

What is REALY scary?

When we play sports seriously, coaches are supposed to know the basics of muscles.

But English teachers don't know how brain learn a language.

THAT makes learning SCARY and inefficient.

If we learn what we need by ourselves and implement a learning plan accordingly, maybe learning a new language isn't scary.

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